The humanitarian trip to Nicaragua was just 5 months ago and we have already been preparing for our return. Our fundraising efforts are just starting to gain momentum as we look forward to a volunteer team almost double in size allowing us to provide more services and more sustainable technology.

Last year HERO along with Dr. Parrella was able to purchase a portable dental unit, hand tools and an ultrasonic dental cleaner with the awesome support of many other donors. With that initial expense taken care of last year, we are now hoping to raise $2500 to cover costs for restocking of dental medications and other supplies. Dr. Parrella and his team are fully committed to this project. Please send in your donations so we can support this important project. This equipment will not only be used in Nicaragua but also on the other HERO humanitarian trips.

The medical clinics that we run provide basic medical care to hundreds of people. From a small child who lives in the dump and suffers from scabies to the elderly man who has untreated hypertension, to the local fisherman who is suffering from malaria; these are the people your donations help. We have set a goal to raise $15,000 to support this important part of our mission.

Once again, solar cookers will be provided and this project costs $5000 to teach local women how to construct their own cooker and then pass it on to the other women in their villages. These women come from the surrounding areas and education is imperative to keep households free of smoke preventing respiratory problems, limit destruction of native trees and to help the people build sustainable communities.

Our fabulous veternarians will return with us to again treat the local animal population, provide vaccinations for rabies, distemper and parvo and perform field surgical sterilizations. Their project costs $3000 to provide care to the animals.

Our project also includes nutritional support to the local people who suffer from serious malnutrition. Last trip we fed the children living in the dump a hot meal full of fresh vegetables, fish and chicken. The cost to do this three times a week is $300. HERO would like to make a commitment to these children to insure a hot meal at least once a week for the year and that cost is only $5200.

Our eye glass project is fully supported by the Sedona Lion’s Club and Zeiss labs. Our volunteers have been trained to run the “eye machine” that matches the proper eyeglass strength for the patient. Our cost is just transporting the machine which is minimal at $150.

Some of the HERO volunteers have taken on the project of education. We are helping to sponsor young Nicaraguan youth to pursue college educations with the hope they will return to their homes and improve the lives of the people and the communities that they have grown up with. Any level of assistance earmarked for this reason will go directly toward their education expenses. It costs approximately $2000/year per student.

Julia Williams, MD
President and Founder