The next humanitarian trip to Nicaragua will be early in 2015. A big Thank You to Zenprov who, once again, helped us kick off our fundraising efforts with a benefit performance last July at the Sedona Creative Life Center. It was a fun and rewarding night.  Zenprov donated a portion of the proceeds to HERO.

All of our projects will help build sustainable communities. Some of the projects for 2015 include: dental, veterinarian, solar cookers, medical and construction. The next trip for the first time will involve HERO joining hands with Potters for Peace to build a kiln. This will be used to make cantaros which are water vessels to help irrigate crops. The kiln will be built on the local trade school site. The local students will be taught how to make the cantaros and how to fire the kiln. more->

  “Pick a Project”  support it and donate today!

Another important new HERO project will be the construction of a home for a local family in need. This project will utilize all our volunteers including our plumbers,electricians and awesome lay people.  The cost of the construction is $3000/home and we are hoping to construct two of these.  Please consider supporting this project as it will put a roof over a family’s head that is in desperate need.

 The solar cooker project is extremely important and will give all families an opportunity to have one of their very own solar cookers. HERO is hoping the people we serve will not have to burn wood for cooking indoors.  These solar cookers reduce the breathing problems associated with indoor wood burning and it will help to preserve their natural wood resources.  Please consider donating to this project and help reduce respiratory disease as well as saving the trees.

 The medical clinic project consists of screening, evaluating and treating people for medical problems who would not otherwise get care.  Some of the villages we serve are located at the base of an active volcano, across a remote body of water, down a dry wash and even at the garbage dump where an estimated 3,000 people currently live.  The all volunteer HERO team has members with diverse backgrounds and specialties. With this expertise we can travel to the villages with our equipment and succeed in teaching people how to manage diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure etc. Please consider donating, even in some small way.
A huge Thank You to Vitamin Angels who had committed to donating 2,300,000 children and prenatal vitamins for our 2014 trip to Nicaragua.  They have also donated 288,000 to the Honduras trip that was just completed last yeat. This is another HERO project that we help support and is managed by Haven Universe another non-profit organization.  These vitamins will improve the nutritional health of the recipients and help decrease vitamin deficiencies related diseases. HERO covered the expenses related to shipping the vitamins from the port in Miami to the local sites in both Nicaragua and Honduras. This important project cost $2,500 last year and we are hoping to do the same in 2015. This was an incredible value for the tremendous good that these vitamins offer to these people. We would love to have this project funded again!

I would like to thank  our corporate sponsor, Kahtoola, for once again supporting the project at the Tibetan Refugee Camps in Mainpat, India.  Kahtoola has continually and generously donated funds to help with the 2013 school project.  This will allow all the children to get a formal education. Thank you Kahtoola for your continued support. Namaste!

Our film maker, Steve Devol is busy completing the HERO film, Wings of the Dharma.  This is an important film that will help spread the work of HERO and plight of these people. HERO hopes to return to the Tibetan refugee camps in 2016 to complete our work there.

I appreciate everyone’s kind and generous support of HERO for the Nicaragua projects as well as all of the humanitarian trips we have completed to date.  It is your “Giving Back” and your open hearts that make all of this possible. The starving child who has improved nutrition, the ill mother who is now well, the clean water that the villagers drink, the hot meal families eat, etc. All of this is because of YOU !!!   You have opened your hearts and you have responded with kindness and compassion.  Thank you from all of us at HERO and on behalf of all of those you have and will help.  Please consider getting involved and making a donation. We are a 501c3 organization and your generous support is tax deductible.  You do make a difference!

Dr. Julie

Julia Williams, MD
President and Founder