HERO Volunteers in Nicaragua 2018

_DSC0520The Eye Project:  Our eye glass project continues to go strong! The Sedona Lion’s Club, Dr. Serge Wright and his staff in Sedona play a huge part in this project being so successful. Our volunteers have been trained to run the “eye machine” that matches the proper eyeglass strength to the patient.  This program to provide proper vision is amazing, WOW!!!!

_DSC0036 (1)The Construction Project: Last year HERO was able to help build a home for a multi-generational family of 12.  In 2017,  HERO is hoping to help build another home for another local family in desperate need. The cost of this construction is $4,500.00/home.

The Medical Project: The medical clinics that we run provide basic medical care to hundreds of people. From a small child who lives in the dump and suffers from scabies to the elderly man who has untreated hypertension, to the local fisherman who is suffering from malaria; these are the people your donations help. We have set a goal to raise $5,000 to support this important part of our mission. Please help a needy family or child with a contribution. Every penny counts!

_DSC0311The Vitamin Project:  In the past, Vitamin Angels donated 2.3 million prenatal and children’s vitamins.  Their continued support is much appreciated and helps make HERO’s goals and mission successful!  Their donation will decrease vitamin deficiency disease and boost their immune systems. Thank you Vitamin Angels! HERO wants to keep this important nutritional project going!!!!

The Solar Project: Once again we hope to provide solar technology.  Last year HERO introduced solar lights and USB chargers to the communities.  These were a huge success allowing people to have night time lighting and charge their phones with one single device!!!!  This program was done together with Colibri, a local non-profit, that offers these amazing solar devices.

_DSC0016 (1)Kiln/Clay Project:  In 2015 kiln project was completed for the construction of cantaros which are water vessels to help irrigate crops.  Potters for Peace will be assisting us again with this project offering teaching of the vessels to the local women and then they will be instructed on firing the kiln.  This education portion will cost $500 to offer this education support and the supplies needed to complete this initial project.  Gardens with fresh vegetables help provide proper nutrition, teach the locals a trade and make these communities more sustainable.

Education:  Some of the HERO volunteers have taken on the project of education. We are now proud to announce that several of the students will soon be graduating medical school and will be new doctors bringing medical care to their people.  Congratulations to these new graduates and all who supported them!!!

HERO Volunteers in India 2018

Medical:  A medical team will return to the refugee camps bringing much needed medical care, eye glasses, vitamins, immunizations, etc. We treated more than1,500 patients in the settlement which has 7 different camps and the Monastery.

_DSC0503Veterinary:  We will have a team of  vets and support staff helping us provide care to the animals.  Vaccinations and medical treatment will be provided.  Also, Senestech will continue their studies of dog populations and the need to provide humane population control which will lead to a reduction in rabies in both animals and humans.

Alternative Power:  The team will continue to build upon the solar power system already established.   Maintaining the system and expanding its current footprint is our goal for this trip.

Vision:  The Lions Club of Sedona will continue to support our efforts as we bring sight to those in need.  HERO is most grateful to the Lions and Serge Wright and his staff for their hard work helping to make this happen!

Education:  We have been most fortunate to receive a generous grant that will assist us in supporting the education of the Tibetan monks.  It is their commitment to carrying on the Tibetan traditions and teachings that will keep this important culture alive.