IMG_6943Our Third Trip to the Monastery

In February 2017, we returned to the Mainpat Tibetan Refugee Settlement with a team of volunteers that included doctors, nurses, veterinarians and support people. The medical team, who saw more than 1,500 patients, provided medical care to seven camps, dispensed a broad-range of medicine, as well as vitamins to both adults and children.

Veterinarians were busy daily, examining dogs and providing rabies vaccinations.

Senestech, a Flagstaff-based company, returned with the humanitarian to continue their humane animal population control research.

We gave support to the Tibetan monks living needs by updating the solar energy system we installed in a prior visit and purchasing a new system that expanded the solar energy footprint.

While we were there, we celebrated the Tibetan New Year at the Monastery, the first American group to experience this festive event there.