We had a joyous Christmas here at the Monastery. We worked hard all day at camp 2 seeing almost 200 people. Our estimated count of people treated to date is 800. We have two more camps to go to complete our mission here in Mainpat. The team is holding up well and although they are fatigued their spirits are strong. Many in the team are seeing disease and illness that is foreign to them as well as the overwhelming poverty and malnutrition. They are developing a strong appreciation for all that we have at home. It is difficult here to even restock supplies as the nearest city is two hours drive away.

We are all so grateful for our lives, family and friends. As things begin to gear down here for us we are reminded that we will soon return to our comfortable ways leaving our Tibetan friends behind to continue their daily struggle to survive. It is sad in a way but yet not because that is their life and their burden they bear to maintain a culture and a people. This struggle allows us the opportunity to help them, to learn about each other and to personally grow. As our lives intersect briefly we are bonded by mutual respect, admiration and love for one other. This we will take with us and never forget.