The sun is setting over the buckwheat fields of rhubarb red as we await our return to Raipur. The team completed a busy yet successful mission to the Mainpat Tibetan Refugee Camps. We were all inspired by the resilience of these people and their culture. I must speak to the extreme dedication of Tulku Tsori Rinpoche, our most gracious host. He bears a burden of not only the lives of the monks but also of the people of Mainpat and the Tibetan Culture. I am in awe of his love and care of these people. He is an inspiration to us all. I admire him and what he stands for to be kind and loving to all sentinent beings. He has taken his time and effort to see that we at HERO are all welcome, comfortable and loved. Rinpoche shared his knowledge with daily teachings and blessings to all. I am forever grateful for his love and compassion.

As we soon head down the road away from the Monastery it will be sad to say goodbye yet rewarding to know that we made a little difference in the lives of many who have so little. Of those who welcomed us with open arms and who will await our return, we bid farewell with all the love and compassion we can offer to our Tibetan family and friends.

Love to All,

Dr. Julie and the Entire HERO Team