Merry Christmas from the other side of the planet!!!! Everyone at HERO is enjoying their most unique Christmas ever. For Christmas eve, our extraordinary triage nurse and party organizer Margie (Perky) Paige provided the Monastery with Wish Lanterns. The lanterns were lit and as hot air filled the paper lantern they slowly rose into the sky sending a lighted message toward the heavens. The monks were delighted and took chase while those of us who understood their meaning looked toward the rising lanterns and made our wish

I had many wishes that could have filled my lantern; peace to all, food for the hungry, shelter for the homeless, etc. But I selfishly didn’t ask for any of those as I knew the other lanterns from my team members carried those thoughts. What I did wish for was the strength and courage to continue this work. These people have tremendous strength and amazing courage to live in these refugee camps, to survive and to smile through all the adversity. Tulku Tsori Rinpoche. our most gracious host and the Monastery leader, has incredible determination to assist not only these Tibetan refugees but all in need. Rinpoche has assigned himself a formidible task to keep the Tibetan culture alive and he bears this burden with inspiring courage. From all of these people, Rinpoche and my Tibetan friends, I find the ability to look toward the future for myself and HERO.