The team will return for the third time to the Mainpat Tibetan Refugee camps.  We will provide medical, veterinary, alternative power, vision and education projects.  We have a very exciting team assembled many who are new to this mission.  We are grateful to have these volunteers go to the camps to help improve the lives of others.  We will have doctors, nurses and lay people giving medical support and vision care.  We have a great “McGyver” team (RG and MR) who will maintain and expand the solar power footprint. They will also be tasked with construction and maintenance projects as they arise.  Our veterinary team will once again treat sick animals, provide rabies and distemper/parvo vaccinations and continue animal population studies.  This will eventually help Senestech bring humane animal population control to the world. (  The Tibetan monks will have support with their education and living needs.  It is HERO’s goal to a build healthy, sustainable community within the settlement.