We arrived safely at the Monastery and we were greeted warmly by Rinpoche and the monks. Our work began immediately after we set up our tents and sleeping gear. We held a medical clinic at the monastery for the monks. This was after two days flying and a seventeen hour bus ride!!!! We have a dedicated team and a great group of supporters back home who have helped to make this mission successful. We thank you all so very much.

It is early morning here and the moon is just a sliver as the sun is slowly rising. There is peace and beauty here and the work is good. Right now I am sitting in the dark sending this message out to all of you. The power has gone out again so I am sitting in the kitchen typing by the firelight. It is a strange and eerie site with the Hindi workers cooking our breakfast over an open fire working by candlelight while I sit quietly in the corner typing on a computer. The dichotomy of the scene is incredible and thoughtful. As our two worlds come together for a common good, them caring for us and HERO caring for them, it is reflective to think about our differences and yet similarities. We are here for the same purpose to survive, to give freely and to love.