Our December 2010 Medical Mission to
the Mainpat Tibetan Refugee Camps


Tibetan Camps medical mission: Update as of Feb. 12, 2011. The HERO team thanks you so much for your kind and generous support for this medical mission! We are so grateful to have had the chance to serve. Bottom line is that this was a very successful mission, for the people and the dogs who SenesTech helped so much. Plans to go back next year are already in motion. HERO info here, and for the SenesTech dog medical mission, please see SenesTech’s website at http://www.SenesTech.com

HERO also extends a special thanks to the Lama who helps the camp, he handled initial key logistics and made the introductions of HERO and SenesTech to the people, both were critical initial steps to the success of this mission. HERO also sends a big thanks to the Tibetan Clinic staff and to all the translators for their generous and capable assistance!

The HERO movie: Footage is being edited now, the HERO movie will premiere at the 2012 Sedona Film Festival!

Video: HERO SenesTech video of the medical mission! about 9 minutes:

Video: And from the camp, during the first week of the medical mission, here is a 2-3 minute video and a written article, Many thanks to Steve Devol and associates for this update:

Thanks much to Jane Ginn for putting this info together at this link and for spreading the word:

HERO was well prepared to treat the 2,000 people of the camp and leave behind medicine and supplies for about three months for them. With about 1,500 Tibetans seeking treatment and about 4,000 or so native India people from the area also showing up to seek treatment, HERO and the Lama and the Tibetan Clinic staff definitely stepped up to do all they could. One extremely generous person loaned an amount that grew to about $9,000 to buy additional medicines and supplies to treat the unexpected additional 4,000 people. This loan has now been repaid, and THANK YOU to all who helped with this! Your generosity and the HERO team’s dedication and hard work have saved many lives, and has positively changed the future for so many people’s health and well being!


Background/Beginnings of this HERO medical mission to the Tibetan refugee camp:
In early 2010, we agreed to come to India and serve at 7 of the most remote and seriously underserved Tibetan Refugee Camps. Our HERO team for this mission consisted of nurses, EMT’s, doctors, veteranians, dental assistants, pharmacy technicians, filmmaker and lay persons.

This is a link to a 3-4 minute video the Lama of the Tibetan refugee camp, Tulku Tsori Rinpoche, made early in 2010, after hearing the news that HERO had committed to the Dec. medical mission at the camp.


Our major goals for this medical mission were met after collaborating with the medical team and Rinpoche. The focus on this mission was:

1. Vaccinate against Hepatitis A and B, and Typhoid
2. Provide much needed general medical care
3. Provide medicines and vitamins
4. Support the existing Tibetan Health Clinic
5. SenesTech vaccinated the dogs against rabies, distemper, parvo and parainfluenza

What Can You Do?

Like any non-profit organization, we look to the support of others to assist us with our mission. Many of you have felt the urge to “give back” and have not known how. We struggled with this same issue and subsequently developed HERO. If you would like to “give back” then donate today and help us improve the lives of people from around the world. Your contribution will and does make a difference!

In August 2010, an anonymous supporter pledged a matching gift of $10,000 in support of HERO’s Tibetan mission. Thanks to the generosity and quick response of many people, we met this generous match as of September 1, 2010. Thank you so very much to everyone who contributed and those who helped to raise the money and the awareness. Together we  made this happen!

We are a volunteer organization and need people who have the same calling to assist those in need. For those who want to help but have no time to volunteer, we need donations to keep our projects going. Our medical missions take us to other countries and although the volunteers pay for their travel expenses and use their vacation time to serve there are medical supplies, clothing, food, etc. that must be purchased.

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