Nicaragua Mission Update from Dr. Julie

Nicaragua: Upcoming in 2014

We had an incredible humanitarian trip to our new site in Nicaragua this past February. We saw almost 1000 medical patients and nearly 250 dental patients. The veternarians treated countless numbers of animals performing field surgery, vaccinations and loving care. This was our first time to serve this area of great need. We also provided more than 120,000 prenatal and children’s vitamins. We measured people for eye glasses using our “eye machine” giving people corrective lenses. This eye project is sponsored by the local Sedona Lion’s Club and Zeiss Laboratories. Our work included the construction of a kitchen for one of the local grade schools. We continued our solar cooker project with a new twist!

This trip we had a group of local women who were trained by native Nicaraguan women on the construction and use of solar cookers. We supplied the tools and equipment as well as some of the labor. These women are now armed to return to their villages and do the same – passing it on! We traveled daily to a different area of need to help several communities in and around Chinandega.

The areas we served were devastated by hurricane Mitch in 1998 and today 15 years later they are still feeling the effects of this natural disaster. People are living in extreme poverty, suffering from malnutrition and disease. There are still over 1200 people, still living at the local dump. Many of the children living there were born and raised at the dump and know no other life! We also ventured inland and served an area at the base of an active volcano that had never seen any type of assistance. One of our days included travel by boat across the estruary bringing much needed help to the people. We held clinic on the beach surrounded by mangroves, local livestock and great people. HERO brought all of this support hoping to improve their lives and help them build more sustainable communities.

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We are now prepared to return.  We are committed to help these poor people build healthy, sustainable communities. We are looking forward to our return trip and we need your support. We have a budget of almost $130,000. Team members who volunteer are required to pay their own expenses. Your donation goes directly to the people and the HERO projects. Our next mission will include two separate teams so we can accommodate all of the dedicated volunteers who want to represent you and HERO in Nicaragua. We will return in March 2014 with 80+ volunteers over a 3 week period of “Giving Back”. Please give generously from your heart and make this community a better place for these beautiful and loving people.

Who we are.

HERO is a collaborative team of health professionals, scientists, researchers, academics, engineers, and volunteer lay people. We are all dedicated to helping those less than fortunate than ourselves to create a healthier life in a more sustainable community hoping to preserve their cultures and alleviate human and animal suffering.

Our organization was begun by a small group of people who wanted to “give back”. We were aware of our fortunate lives and of those far less fortunate than us. We began as a grassroots medical team that served in the remote mountains of Honduras. We are now comprised of a diverse group of volunteers which gives us the ability to serve more people in many more ways. Read more …

How you can help.

We rely on the aid of others who also want to “give back”. We are a volunteer organization and need people who have the same calling to assist those in need. For those who want to help but have no time to volunteer, we need donations to keep our projects going. Please give generously so we may help to make a difference in someone’s life and to help build sustainable communities in these devastated areas. Check out our action projects section on this website for further information.

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