Thanks to you – HERO Has Made a Difference!

  • Dr. Julie (center) with visitors to the clinic, Nicaragua 2014.

    Kahtoola from Flagstaff for their 1% for the People Program.

  • Potters for Peace
  • Pat Schweiss and the Sedona International Film Festival for their great support.
  • The Lions Clubs in Sedona, Flagstaff and Phoenix for their donations of eye glasses (3000). Dr. Serge Wright has been instrumental in helping us receive eye drops for the mission as well.
  • Steve DeVol for his dedication to this project and his beautiful film, Wings of the Dharma which was featured at the 2016 Sedona International Film Festival.
  • SenesTech for their support, their continued efforts to relieve human and animal suffering and their willingness to have HERO continue their most valuable work.
  • All of the generous contributors who supported our mission and who continue to follow the work of HERO
  • The Veternarians, Irv and Kris Ingram, who supported HERO by traveling on the India mission.
We would like to offer a special thank you to Venerable Tulku Tsori Rinpoche and the entire Monastery Staff for their tireless efforts to host the HERO team. We would not have been successful and continue to be so without their help!  Their love and dedication to the people of Mainpat is lifelong and inspiring. Thank you all for the kindness you extended to our team. With this team collaboration and effort we are looking forward to another successful mission in 2017.

How you can help.

We rely on the aid of others who also want to “give back.” We are a volunteer organization and need people who have the same calling to assist those in need. For those who want to help but have no time to volunteer, we need donations to keep our projects going.

Our medical missions take us to other countries and although the volunteers often pay for their travel expenses and use their vacation time to serve there are medical supplies, clothing, food, etc. that must be purchased. We have expanded our services to include vaccinations, vitamins, alternative energy sources, solar cookers, dental care, health education, animal health, and much more.

Any donation is greatly appreciated.