About HERO

Who Are We?

HERO began with a simple question:

“Will you help us?”

Our organization was begun by a small group of people who wanted to “give back”. We were aware of our fortunate lives and of those far less fortunate than us. We began as a grassroots medical team that served in the remote mountains of Honduras. We are now comprised of a diverse group of volunteers which gives us the ability to serve more people in many more ways.

What Do We Do?

Dancing child with his tongue out


Our mission is to provide medical care, dental care, nutritional support, vision testing and eye glasses, animal health (thus human health), sustainable projects such as solar cookers, wind towers, solar energy, etc. We want to educate the people who live in disease and poverty striken areas of the world and we want them to live more fulfilled healthier lives. We bring spiritual support and guidance to those in need. We are an approved 501(c)3 non-profit organization and your generous donation is tax deductible.

The Team


Dr. Julia Williams

HERO Board Member

Lisa Griel

HERO Board Member

Dr. Elaine Rankin, Psy.D

HERO Board Member

Sheila Mackell

HERO Advisor

Ricardo Gonzales

Construction Consultant

I appreciate everyone’s kind and generous support of HERO for all of the humanitarian trips we have completed. It is your “Giving Back” and your open hearts that make all of this possible. The starving child who has nutrition, the ill mother who is now well, the clean water that the villagers drink, the hot meal families eat and so much more is because of YOU!!! You have opened your hearts and you have responded in a most kind and compassionate way. Thank you from all of us at HERO and on behalf of all of those you have and will help.

— From Dr. Julie —