Nepal 2020

Hello HERO Family –

The HERO Team is heading to Nepal in 2020. We’ll spend the year ahead in the planning process, getting ready to further our mission to work hand-in-hand with those in need build healthy, sustainable communities. We can’t, and never have been able to, do this without your support. Thank you!
The logistics of this trip are vast. Please consider helping us succeed in Nepal with a year-end donation of as generous a gift as you can. To donate, click on the donate button on this page.
Your donation will make a world of difference. That’s a promise.
With much appreciation, Dr. Julie.
PS: If you make a donation of $50 you’ll receive a strand of prayer beads blessed by Tulku Tsori Rinpoche. (Only 5 available)

Nepal 2019



The logistics of traveling to the remote region of Nepal to administer humanitarian aid to two off-the-beaten-track monasteries and a number of small villages is taking longer than anticipated. We’ve rescheduled this year’s trip for mid-year 2019.

The same small team of volunteers  will head to the Upper Mustang region of Nepal. While there, the team will distribute medicines to treat a variety of conditions for young to old at numerous villages, as well as provide immunizations, vitamins from our partners at Vitamin Angel and eyeglasses, donated by Americare.

While in the Upper Mustang region, the team will visit two monasteries, one 800 years old and the other 1,200 years old, and provide assistance to the monks living at each.

The trip, beginning in Katmandu, will be arduous. A three-day jeep ride takes the group over a mountain pass at 15,000 feet before making camp at about 12,000 feet. We’ll be at our home base for four days before the return trip to Katmandu.

We are going on this humanitarian mission at the request of Drubwang Tsori Dechen Rinpoche. Our last three trips to India have been to his monastery at Mainpat.

Who we are.

HERO is a collaborative team of people wanting to make a difference and to give from their hearts. Some are health professionals, scientists, researchers, academics, engineers and volunteer lay people. Each offers a unique skill and a willingness to help. We are all dedicated to helping those less fortunate than ourselves to create a healthier life in a more sustainable community hoping to preserve their cultures and alleviate human and animal suffering.

Our organization was begun by a small group of people who wanted to “give back.” We were aware of our fortunate lives and of those far less fortunate than ourselves. We began as a grassroots medical team that served in the remote mountains of Honduras. We are now comprised of a diverse group of volunteers which gives us the ability to serve more people in many more ways. Read more …

How you can help.

We rely on the help of others who also want to “give back.” We are a volunteer organization and need people who have the same calling to assist those in need. For those who want to help but have no time to volunteer, we need donations to keep our projects going. Please give generously so we may help to make a difference in someone’s life and to help build sustainable communities in these devastated areas. Check out our action projects section on this website for further information.