Lend A Hand – Nicaragua 2016

Planning is underway for one of next year’s trips to Jiquillio by long-time HERO volunteer, Laura McGrath. Under discussion is  a home project with donations and labor from HERO/volunteers.  Also, there’s talk about an additional three solar projects happening in 2016 – cooking/solar ovens,  solar water purifiers, and solar battery charger for lights and cell phone recharge. To help make these trips a reality contact joinus@heroefforts.org.

Nicaragua 2015 – The House that HERO Built and Other Accomplishments

This year’s  first group of HERO volunteers headed to Nicaragua on January 28 for a nine-day workout which resulted in: a house for a local family, a kiln for a local trade school, the digging of a well and the beginning education resource center.

A special thanks to our friends at Potters for Peace for all of their guidance and assistance in building the kiln. Our second team is preparing for its April trip, focused on medical needs of those in the local community.

We all do this work because we love it!!!! All proceeds go directly to the people and the HERO projects. Please give generously from your heart and make this community a better place for these beautiful and loving people.

Who we are.

HERO is a collaborative team of people wanting to make a difference and to give from their hearts. Some are health professionals, scientists, researchers, academics, engineers and volunteer lay people. Each offers a unique skill and a willingness to help. We are all dedicated to helping those less fortunate than ourselves to create a healthier life in a more sustainable community hoping to preserve their cultures and alleviate human and animal suffering.

Our organization was begun by a small group of people who wanted to “give back.” We were aware of our fortunate lives and of those far less fortunate than ourselves. We began as a grassroots medical team that served in the remote mountains of Honduras. We are now comprised of a diverse group of volunteers which gives us the ability to serve more people in many more ways. Read more …

How you can help.

We rely on the help of others who also want to “give back.” We are a volunteer organization and need people who have the same calling to assist those in need. For those who want to help but have no time to volunteer, we need donations to keep our projects going. Please give generously so we may help to make a difference in someone’s life and to help build sustainable communities in these devastated areas. Check out our action projects section on this website for further information.