Nepal 2020

We’re really excited that we finally settled on a date for the upcoming Nepal trip. In March 2020, we’ll be taking a team of 15 volunteers to remote villages that have never had outside medical assistance.
We’ll be joining hands with Elevate Nepal, a nonprofit that has for the last several years done significant work on behalf of the citizens of earthquake-stricken villages in remote parts of Nepal.


While there, the team will distribute medicines to treat a variety of conditions for young to old at numerous villages, as well as provide immunizations, vitamins from our partners at Vitamin Angels and eyeglasses. Also, new this year, we’re thrilled to be providing acupuncture services.




HERO in Guatemala

HERO is sponsoring a team in San Pedro, Guatemala on the shore of Lake Atitlan to help Dr. Francisco Mendez and his wife who are building a hospital on their land to help serve the indigenous people. 

The HERO team would set-up a clinic in the hospital.  Future trips might entail sending a dental team, as well. There may be opportunities to go into the small Mayan villages to do a clinic, too.

There are other grass roots organizations currently working to help in these areas that the HERO could visit. One young man teaches kids to paint and the money from their paintings helps them buy supplies and clothes so they can stay in school.  There is a women’s cooperative to visit, as well.