HERO is dedicated to assisting people in poverty-stricken areas of the world build healthy, sustainable communities that thrive and grow.


HERO helps build healthy, sustainable communities in Underdeveloped Nations. We bring medical and dental care, veterinarian services, alternative power sources, build vital infrastructure, clean water projects, solar cookers, vitamins, eye glasses, nutritional support, education programs and construction projects.

Where have we been?

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We returned once again to the poorest, most remote Tibetan refugee camps in Mainpat, India. Our goals were met beyond our expectations. We treated people in medical clinics held daily. We established a vaccination program to protect the refugees from Hepatitis B and Typhoid. We also provided basic nutritional support, pre-natal vitamins, high dose vitamin A, solar cookers, eyeglasses, automatic defibrillator, health and hygiene education, solar power system for the Monastery, solar water heaters, wind power, re-roofed the medical clinic, and veterinarian care.

HERO has completed its commitment to Mainpat of three humanitarian mission trips where we developed lasting friendships and healthier more sustainable communities in this harsh, remote, devastated region of India.

How can you help and become a HERO?

HERO is beginning to re-develop our plans to go to Nepal. We are excited to get the wheels turning.  It has been a long 20 months for all of us but we are committed to this humanitarian mission. With the pandemic so many things have changed in the world and so have our goals. Currently, outside medical people are not allowed to hold medical clinics per the Nepali government. We are trying to learn about the government’s hesitation but we are confident we will obtain the necessary permits to enable us to help the Nepali people.

As a team with heavy medical emphasis, HERO understands the importance of proper medical care, adequate nutrition, vitamins, immunizations, clean water, proper hygiene and infrastructure sanitation.  If we are to improve the health of many then we must begin with the basics. Our main focus for the upcoming trip will be providing basic medical care. The villagers live in remote and very poor areas. There are very little medical services.  HERO will set up a base medical camp near the Annapurna Homestay.  From there we will evaluate and treat the nearby Nepali people.  Those unable to travel on their own due to medical issues or age will be transported to us for care.  HERO will outfit the nearby Gorkha clinic with medical equipment and supplies that they have designated as medical necessities. HERO has already donated an Ultrasound Machine to the clinic which was urgently requested. With the help of Flagstaff, Arizona based Elevate Nepal who are well established with the local communities, we hope to improve their lives.  We will be working very closely with Wangchuk of the Kyimolung Foundation of Nepal.  He is a Buddhist monk, nurse and the founder of Kyimolung.

His Holiness

February 26, 1974 – November 1, 2021

HERO will be working with the assistance of Elevate Nepal to bring this desperately needed medical care. Elevate Nepal is currently working on an enormous  clean water and sanitation project. They are on phase one of this aggressive campaign to provide these services in the Makwanpur District, Kailish Municipality in the middle hills of Nepal.

Elevate Nepal’s plans to provide clean water and proper sanitation infrastructure  will help reduce the illnesses so often seen with contaminated water and improper waste management.

Due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, an advance team will go in October 2022 to prepare for the full team’s arrival in February 2023. HERO’s fundraising goals for the advance team visit are $17,300 for medical equipment and supplies, $3,000 for menstrual kits, and $3,600 for continued monthly public health  education by local health experts.  The volunteer costs will be covered by the advance team member and NOT from donations.  The entire team visit in February 2023 will have an expanded budget of $25,000 for medical supplies and medications, $4,000 for translators and transportation of patients, $3,200 for Jeep travel by the team and $8,000 for food bags for the villagers.  Again, all volunteers are responsible for their travel, food and lodging costs. Your donations go directly to those in need.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated and is tax deductible as we are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We thank you for your financial and spiritual support!

Any amount you can give will help tremendously.

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