HERO is dedicated to assisting people in poverty-stricken areas of the world build healthy, sustainable communities that thrive and grow.


HERO is committed to building healthy, sustainable communities in Underdeveloped Nations. We offer medical and dental care, veterinarian services, alternative power sources, clean water projects, vitamins, eye glasses, nutritional support, education programs and construction projects.

Current Projects

In 2016, HERO began working on a humanitarian project to Nepal. We have been collaborating with two local NGO’s, Elevate Nepal and the Kyimolung Foundation on this project. There was a 3 year delay with the Covid pandemic but we were finally able to travel! The HERO team completed its humanitarian trip in Nepal in the Philim village in the Gorka region. We had a team of 8 HERO volunteers who provided medical care and maintenance duties. This included general medical, obstetrical and gynecological care. The medical component also established a Hepatitis B testing and vaccination program. For the Philim Health Center, HERO purchased much needed medical equipment including laboratory equipment and an ultrasound. Reading eye glasses were distributed and vitamins will be offered to the school children for the next 12 months. Critical clinic medical equipment that had not been operational for up to a year was repaired by our maintenance engineer.

We also assisted with improvement of the living conditions for the children who live in the dorms. Our volunteer maintenance engineer did repair projects and the children now have warm water for showers! He also repaired broken wooden beds and taught some of the young men basic use of tools. The medical team treated over 450 children for ectoparasites. After the treatment was completed, every child living in the dorms had their living quarters cleaned. They were each then given a new mattress, blanket, pillow and pillow case.

Most supplies had been taken by box truck to the end of the road and then from there transported by Heli in a large sling to Philim village in four loads. This tremendous coordinated effort was the culmination of several years planning and a team effort with the three non-profits working closely together to insure success! The dedication of the villagers, the many in-country volunteers, Kyimolung Foundation, Elevate Nepal and the HERO team led to a very successful trip.

How can you help and become a HERO?

As with any organization doing humanitarian work, we need financial support. We are a 501c3 non-profit consisting of a volunteer staff. Our team members each donate their time and own personal funds to travel on these trips. We rely on the generous support of individuals and organizations to help improve the lives of others.

We are also looking for those interested getting involved. Through donation, spreading the word about our organiztion, volunteering, making connections with corporate donors, etc. Any assistance that helps us achieve our goals is welcome.

His Holiness

February 26, 1974 – November 1, 2021

HERO just completed the February 2023 trip to Nepal. It was a huge success. We treated over 1500 patients in four clinic days!!!! With the assistance of Elevate Nepal and the Kyimolung Foundation we were able to bring desperately needed medical care to Philim Village in a remote mountain region of the Himalayas.

The advance team completed their trip in October 2022 which helped to prepare for the full team’s arrival in February 2023. We worked side by side with Nepali medical professionals caring for the local indigenous population. We offered general medical care, obstetrical and gynecological services. We were also able to repair critical medical equipment that had not been operational in over a year. In addition to this, HERO purchased important medical equipment that will now improve the local health clinic’s ability to provide care. One of our other important goals was to treat the children in the school dorms for scabies and lice. We treated them and then assisted them with cleaning their dorms. After this new, clean bedding was provided. The joy on their faces was priceless!


The solar water heaters for showers that were non-functional were properly plumbed so that the children would have warm showers!!! All in all the people were very pleased and grateful for our services. Their kindness was felt daily by the team in each smile they offered. None of this would have been possible without the generosity of our donors. Each volunteer pays their own way for these humanitarian trips. That means every dollar donated goes directly to the people. Your kind donation is greatly appreciated as we are already planning for our return trip in February 2024. Please consider giving to our efforts by making a single donation or monthly pledge. Thank you!!!

Any amount you can give will help tremendously.

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